Friday, 29 October 2010

Evaluation - Looking back at your prelim task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We begun with some well thought out mise en scene and camera angles similar to our Swede. The cinimatography was our strength. However unlike the swede we had to design a narrative which was difficult because we were trying to include 3 intertextual links used but neither of them made sense in the narrative which were: the coffin, the forrest and vampires. We also chose them because we had them available and wanted to make it look good. Eventually we decided she was in the forrest because she wanted to tell her boyfriend alone away from the temptation to bite. She was being stalked by a jelous boy but in the end it was her that bit him. She woke up in a coffin because she thought it was all a dream but then she realises its real and that she fell asleep in a coffin. We then had to think of a relevant title which was difficult because so many have allready been taken. We chose "Mistake" the mistake being her inability to resist bitting the stalker and making her boyfriend realise she is a vampire. I believe we shot the footage we had to have 2 days if shooting due to the rain this enabled us to plan more carefully our shots. Casting was difficult because it involved actors who were available which is why eventually we had to act act as the cast. Editing the shots wasn't difficult but creating anchorage was. This is why we added voice over and a soundtrack. Finding and editing all sundfiles was difficult because they all overlapped I also had to get the music withou gaps in. You may notice camera tapping noises in the diagetic sound this is because I didn't notice this during the edititing process and if i had noticed it, it would have been too difficult to loacate the files and edit them to a fluid sound. The voice over was dificult to match to the footage yet still create narrative engima and make sense. The production company titles could have been spent more time on since they are of similar colours. The main titles are good because they match the genre.
In all I believe our product is intertextually and visually well designed but it lacks anchorage and sound quality. This is different from the swede because the narrative and sounds were allready designed.

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