Thursday, 28 October 2010

Evaluation - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

All our actors are teenagers age 16 - 17 because we wanted to appeal to a teenage audience. The themes of mischief, sex and boyfriend/ girlfriend relationships are stereotypical representations of this age it therefore fails to represent this age group in a positive light. However because of the nature of the voice over it is talking to its audience therefore the world the audience see's on screen is through the teenage protaganists eyes therefore the audience are lead into sympathise with her.

Stereotypically the vampire is white as deviating from this stereotype would signify connatations we didn't want to include

We  also had white actors because we didn't have the actors available.

We appealed to the male gaze with the use of short skirts and low cut tops which stereotypically showed the female straight sexuality. We signified she was straight by intergrating shots of her with shots of the male signifying a relationship. Using the commutation test if we did use a lesbian vampire it would have signifiers of being silly and absurd.

Stereotypically the men in our film go out to search for an protect the women. However the males are countertypically shown as wussy and useless with them dieing in the situation of a dominant female.
Regional Identity
Unlike films such as Bridget Jone's Diary we do not have an idealistic view of Britain but a more bleak unglamorised view in wich vampireism and death takes place. This is because we were trying to appeal to a local audience not a wide American audience therefore we steared away from signifying the stereotypical view of Britain.

Idealy if we had a higher budget and the availability we would use an American cast or southern people in London to draw in as wide an audience of teenagers possible but due to it's inavailability we had to reduce our target audience.

We may not have used British stereotypes but we weren't commenting on Britain as in the film This is England. We stuck to the conventions of the Gothic Horror genre and the conventions of a film opening. It therefore recieved positive audience responce on YouTube and in our screenings. When we screened it to somone from New Zealand and got feedback we knew how we could get it to appeal to as wider audience as possible yet use the same resources.  
Social Class
Likewise in comparison to Working Title films we didn't include higher midle class Britains but what signified as between working and midle class because of the use of casual clothing and lack of large buildings.

We also countertypically signified this class because they weren't signified as above as being vulger, stupid and outsider's but as something the audience should sympathis with.

Disability/ Ability

Our film fails to represent disability therefore follows the stereotype. If we had used disabled characters it would have been more difficult for the audience to focus on the vampire issue due to the lack of reprsentation disability has, the disability would become the issue of the drama. Disability also signifies that characters are outsiders and abnormal we wanted to have a cast that was like the majority of our audience and that would all have equal ability to leave it polysemic of who would be the "abnormal vampire". 


We appealed to the male gaze with the use of short skirts and low tops and the use of a blonde to signify she was going to be the scream queen. The male were also stereotyped in being the protectors and the hunters of the narrative.

However we counteracted those stereotypes to purposely suprise the audience by having her as a dominant force in the narrative as a vampire and the males as weaker.

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